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Our menu is very seasonal as it changes according to what is being harvested in the local farms we have chosen to partner with who all follow organic farming practices. While not all of the produce we use bears a USDA organic label, we make a point to find out how the veggies, fruits, eggs and cheese we use have been grown and made!



We want to give you the best coffee out there, and we mean it!   We are constantly travelling around town to visit some of the best local roasters to find the best seasonal selections.  The beans are always fair-trade and organic whenever possible - in fact, many of the beans that our roasters use are well beyond the fair-trade minimum.

We are currently featuring beans from Klatch Coffee in Rancho Cucamonga,  Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz and Augie’s Coffee House's in Redlands. The selection will change periodically - so check back often!


Since 1993, formerly known as Coffee Klatch, Klatch Coffee Inc. has been searching the world over for the finest coffee. Buying from only the top 1% of beans available, Klatch roasts in small batches to ensure optimum flavor and freshness.

Mike Perry [ Roastmaster and Owner ] blends a background in chemical engineering with a love for great coffee to balance science and artistry in achieving the perfect cup.

  • MICRO ROASTER OF THE YEAR [ Roast Magazine 2009 ]
  • WORLD'S BEST ESPRESSO [ at World Barista Championships, Tokyo 2007 ]
  • GOLDEN CUP [ For Excellence in Coffee Brewing ]
  • UNITED STATES BARISTA CHAMPION [ Heather Perry 2003 and 2007 ]
  • AMERICA'S BEST COFFEEHOUSE [ COFFEE FEST, SEATTLE ] [ Heather Perry Holly Perry and Jenette Green - 2012 ]
  • US BREWERS CUP CHAMPION [ SCAA, SEATTLE ] [ Todd Goldsworthy 2014 ]

Verve Coffee Roasters

is a coffee roaster based in Santa Cruz, California, founded by Colby Barr and Ryan O'Donovan.Verve opened in November, 2007 in Pleasure Point, California. The company currently operates in seven California-based locations, four in Santa Cruz, three in Los Angeles. They also have one location in Japan at the Shinjuku, Tokyo train station. Verve earned the highest score in the Coffee category at the Good Food Awards in 2013. It was also named one of the top coffee roasters in the United States by Thrillist, Complex Magazine, and Food Republic.

Augie's Coffee House

"We go through elaborate and extreme measures just to serve a cup of coffee, and at the end of the day it’s still just coffee. But that’s the fun of it… we love it. And we love all of the people we meet on these crazy adventures. The people that come into our shop, the farmers in Guatemala who wake up at 5 AM to harvest fresh crop. This is why we do what we do.

We believe in a crop-to-cup process at Augies, and we’re proud to offer hand-roasted coffee in our three unique and vibrant shops. Everything we do is done in the name of quality — from the raw coffee we source, sample, and roast in small batches to various methods we use to bring out the best flavors, aromas, and textures in our drinks. We believe in transparency, and our baristas are prepared to share some down and dirty coffee philosophy about everything from origins to best brew methods. We take coffee seriously, and we hope that it shows."



Tea Gallerie

"At Tea Gallerie, we want to help YOU make healthier and more exciting choices of drink and give you the opportunity to take time in your day to just be with your cuppa tea.  We are proponents of the tea culture and advocates of giving back to the community.  Our expertise is in making tea a complete sensory experience since tea is so delicate and sensitive yet versatile and unique - just like each and every one of our happy tea customers!" 


"When we set out to create T-WE TEA, we wanted to create an art that was completely our own.  We never wanted to repackage someone else's tea and call it handmade.  Our values of truth, beauty, and community spill out of our teacup and into our blending bowls." 



Ingardia Brothers Produce Inc.

We get all of our organic produce from Ingardia Brothers Produce inc. They have a booth at the weekly farmers market in Santa Monica where they share their love for organics to the community. They feature locally grown produce from farms in Oxnard, Santa Maria, Carlsbad and many more! We do our business with Ingardia Brothers because they care about farm to table as much as we do.


desserts & pastries


Luscious Organic Desserts

Luscious Organic Desserts is a SoCal  company that specializes in making desserts with only the highest quality ingredients. They make desserts for all kinds of diets (Vegan, Gluten free, eggless, etc.) They want everyone to able to have something delicious no matter what their diet restricts!

dairy & eggs


spring hill jersey cheese

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese is located in Petaluma, CA. Their "estate produced cheese" - a term used for cheese that is manufactured from a single location where the cows eat the lush green grass and their milk is then used to make cheese right there in the cheese making room. The cheese is then aged, cut and packaged for distribution, all on the same dairy. Spring Hill Jersey Cheese's owner, Larry Peter began his dairy in 1987, and started producing Spring Hill Jersey Cheese in 1998. The homestead, artisan cheese produced by Spring Hill is made entirely from the milk of pasture-grazed Jersey cows, and uses non-GMO vegetarian enzyme!