keeping it local


Our menu is very seasonal as it changes according to what is being harvested in the local farms we have chosen to partner with who all follow organic farming practices. While not all of the produce we use bears a USDA organic label, we make a point to find out how the veggies, fruits, eggs and cheese we use have been grown and made!



We want to give you the best coffee out there, and we mean it!   We are constantly travelling around town to visit some of the best local roasters to find the best seasonal selections.  The beans are always fair-trade and organic whenever possible – in fact, many of the beans that our roasters use are well beyond the fair-trade minimum.

We are currently featuring beans from Handsome Coffee in Los Angeles,  Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, Rose Park Roasters in Long Beach, and Augie’s Coffee House’s in Redlands. The selection will change periodically – so check back often!




ray’s ranch

Ray’s Ranch of Temecula is located in the beautiful Temecula Valley, in Southern California. This is one of the prime spots in all of California to grow Citrus and many other types of crops. The owner of the farm, Kathy, has been living in Temecula since 1999 and has been an Organic Certified Grower for the last 8 years. Kathy and her family moved to Temecula to live with plenty of space and room to have a large family. The couple has 6 children, 2 horses, 3 goats, 3 rabbits, 2 dogs and a cat. Ray’s Ranch offers a wide range of selection from fresh produce to honey and eggs!

tanaka farms

Farmer Tanaka is a 5th generation farmer in Irvine! Tanaka farms grow all of their produce according to the organic farming practices. They also team up with local communities and schools for different events such as strawberry picking and pumpkin patch tours throughout the year!

dairy & eggs


spring hill jersey cheese

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese is located in Petaluma, CA. Their “estate produced cheese” – a term used for cheese that is manufactured from a single location where the cows eat the lush green grass and their milk is then used to make cheese right there in the cheese making room. The cheese is then aged, cut and packaged for distribution, all on the same dairy. Spring Hill Jersey Cheese’s owner, Larry Peter began his dairy in 1987, and started producing Spring Hill Jersey Cheese in 1998. The homestead, artisan cheese produced by Spring Hill is made entirely from the milk of pasture-grazed Jersey cows, and uses non-GMO vegetarian enzyme!