about us


At Green Bliss, we are all about living life to the fullest while protecting Mother Earth.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming space where all of our friends and neighbors can come by to find information on sustainability or to share their experience  with others on how to make this world a better place while sipping that perfect cup of locally roasted coffee and munching on great food sourced from local vendors.

To show you that we really do mean business, below are a few things that we are doing ourselves to make sure the impact we have on the environment is minimised to the best we can.


our sustainable business practices:


  • We buy local!  The majority of the items you see on the menu are sourced within the state of California.
  • We compost all food scraps except for dairy products.
  • All to-go products are made from 100% recyclable PET, recycled fibers, or renewable wood sources.
  • We chose not to use any PLA products (plastic cups and cutlery items that are made from GMO corn) because these products require a commercial composting plant to properly compost them - and unfortunately, after several phone calls, we found out that there is not one within 100 miles of Fullerton.  We will make the switch as soon as a composting plant nearby is equipped to handle such material. Currently all PLA products used here are still going to the landfills.
  • We use eco-friendly printing options whenever possible (see greenerprinter)
  • Our website is 100% powered by wind energy (see iPage)